April 01, 2011 - Test Printing Results

A couple of test prints showed up today, printed from Ka-Blam. The first time around they got lost in the mail, but Ka-Blam printed out another set and had them at my door two days later... not too bad. I had the print done to test the colors I am using, and to make sure everything looks OK when printed on paper. Overall everything looks really good. The paper stock is pretty light, but for $4.00 a print, it's a great deal. At the moment I just have enough to fill ten pages, so now I need to make some more comics.... some pictures below. Click to get a larger version.

The (very rough) cover.... just threw some words on the front. The jungle comic looks great, even blown up.

Pages 2 and 3... I need to lighten the colors next time around.

I experimented with some two page spreads. It works out pretty well. In the final comic I'd like to have a couple big landscape shots of mountains, etc.

Five pages or so of the same color palate, but different contrast/brightness settings... Not really happy with any of them so far.

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