April 03, 2011 - New Website

Finally got around to re-making the website. I was happy with the existing page, and decided to buy a domain name (www.cavemanagent.com) to link to blogger. After I bought the domain name, I realized that the registrar (Verio) doesn't allow you to link to google blogs. At this point, I could either buy a new name through Google, wasting ten dollars, or set up a new website.

I tried setting up a comicpress template in wordpress, but trying to change simple things seemed overly complicated, and the whole system has a lot more features than I need. So I wrote this site from scratch in probably less time than it would have taken me to customize the comicpress template.

I like having Gravatar support, and like being able to control the layout myself. I set up a semi-functional RSS feed, so if you want to subscribe, just use the links below.

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hovvit - April 05, 2011 - Reply to this comment
Any comment about the new website, feel free to discuss here.

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