January 06, 2012 - Caveman Agent Ranked In Top 5 Canadian University Comics

Some good news: Caveman Agent has been selected by Macleans.ca as one of Canada's top five university comics! Sent From the Moon and Adventuresome are also mentioned. All the comics are great, you can read the article here and check out the other comics on the list. It seems like Canada has a wide variety of awesome comics. Thanks to Keith McIean (of Adventuresome) for managing such a good comics section in the York paper!

On another subject, I have re-written my spam filter. I can now add spammers to an IP block list, which will hopefully cut down on the spam that has been appearing on the site. Since the change, which was last week, I've only had one or two spam comments, so it seems to be working. Now I can allow people to post links again in their comments, which will be nice.

Finally, the current story arc is only planned to be 62 comics. That means there are only 15 comics left! This is probably about three months of comics. Don't worry, the next story arc will be starting without a break. There are also two other projects in the works related to Caveman Agent, which I'll be revealing soon. I'm pretty excited about both of them!

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