Blog Entries

February 25, 2013Caveman Agent Book 2
October 07, 2012Book Update
August 11, 2012Extra Comic
July 28, 2012Book Cover
July 07, 2012End of the Book 1
June 18, 2012Delay
May 12, 2012Toronto Comic Arts Festival
March 18, 2012Caveman Agent Excalibur Special
February 20, 2012Vacation
January 28, 2012Caveman Agent Figures
January 14, 2012Website Update
January 06, 2012Caveman Agent Ranked In Top 5 Canadian University Comics
November 08, 2011Sketches
October 08, 2011Published!
October 01, 2011Caveman News
July 02, 2011Short Break
May 28, 20112816 Monument Print
May 18, 2011Webcomic Bookmark Tutorial
April 23, 2011MySQL Webcomics Database Tutorial
April 15, 2011Narrow Escape
April 13, 2011RSS Update
April 03, 2011New Website
April 01, 2011Test Printing Results


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