February 25, 2013 - Caveman Agent Book 2

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update to say that I've begun posting again (the two latest comics are the first of book 2). I'm a bit slow getting back into drawing. I've got the next post roughed out and partially drawn. I'm not sure why it's taking so long to get posts up, but I hope to get back to once a week.

Bear with me while I re-do the spam filter and get my posting schedule back to normal, and then we should be good! I've got some interesting ideas for the near future that I'm looking forward to drawing. Thanks for continuing to read Caveman Agent!

- Evan

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October 07, 2012 - Book Update

Hi everyone. I figured since it has been a while I would post a quick update, even though there is not much to share. I've been working on the Caveman Agent book, which is a pretty large task. Among other things, I have to:

  • Format all the comics into the book
  • Draw the cover, back, and inside text pages
  • Make sure that Caveman Agent's beard is drawn in all the comics
  • Fix colors for consistency (like Caveman Agent's clothes)
  • Figure out how to actually print the book

  • I've got pretty much everything finished except for the last point, actually printing the book. Here's a screenshot of the current cover:

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    August 11, 2012 - Extra Comic

    Here's an extra comic. I realized I was one short, so I drew up another. This is supposed to fit between comics 59 and 60.

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    July 28, 2012 - Book Cover

    Hi everyone. I think I am going to start posting comics again soon, might as well get the next story going.

    Here's a picture that I am thinking of using for the book cover. I'll probably put a title in the sky saying 'Caveman Agent'.

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    July 07, 2012 - End of the Book 1

    We have reached the end of the first episode of Caveman Agent, after 1.5 years and about 60 comics. The first few comics experimented with textures, but that quickly ended as the textures did not add much to the cartoon style of drawing. Caveman Agent's clothing changed frequently, as I had not settled on something that looked good. My drawing style has not changed too much, which is good and the comics generally are consistent. I have gotten better with Photoshop, and have used a few techniques throughout the comic, but generally I just stick to coloring and shading.

    I would like to print the first storyline into a book, which will take some time to prepare as this is a pretty big undertaking. Since Caveman Agent is a very colorful comic, I'm not sure going with a print on demand service is going to work. I've done a few mockups through these kinds of services, and not having control over the coloring or being able to discuss the process with a printer results in a pretty bad print for this type of comic. There are several print shops around Toronto, and hopefully it does not end up being too expensive to print a run of 50 or so books.

    From the website and RSS analytics, and the activity on the Facebook page, it seems like Caveman Agent has a dedicated following, although probably a little smaller than most other webcomics. I have put out essentially no effort in promoting the comic, but that might change if a book gets printed. Two years is fairly new still by webcomic standards (at least compared to the webcomics I like to read), but the comic seems to have grown slowly. I think the occasional blog posts and iterations in the website design probably helped. Pretty much all my comics have comments and some discussion, which is awesome from my point of view.

    Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the comic. I have definitely enjoyed all the webcomics I've picked up in the past two years (see the list on the right for links). I've got some ideas for updates before the next storyline starts, so there shouldn't be much of a break!

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